Paul Barker, M.Sc.




Seit Januar 2016

Social Cognition Center, Universität zu Köln, Germany
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter: Relativity in Social Cognition: Antecedents and Consequences of Comparative Thinking.

2014 bis 2015

Master of Science in Social Research Methods (Distinction) London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Department of Methodology. Thema der Masterarbeit:"The Effect of Time Framing on Value Consistent Support for Military Policy.”

Februar 2013 bis September 2013

HAVAS Media. Amstelveen, The Netherlands Intelligence Department / Market Research: Meeting Generation Y: Marketing, Media and Brand Relations, Now and in the Future.

2012 bis 2013

Master of Science in Psychologie (Cum Laude), Spezialisierung auf Sozialpsychologie. Titel: “Social Influencing and Society”. Thema der Masterarbeit: “Recognition of Spontaneous and Acted Vocalizations of Emotion”

2010 bis 2012

Bachelor in Psychologie, Spezialisierung auf Sozialpsychologie. Thema der Bachelorarbeit: “The Coherence Between Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultural Values and Choice of Brands”

2009 bis 2010

Bachelor of Science (nur das erste Jahr) in International Game Architecture and Design, NHTV International College of Higher Education, Breda

2008 bis 2009

Zertifikat: 3D Graphics and Animation, sechsmonatiger Kurs. 3D Animation/Game Development, Qantm College, Amsterdam

2007 bis 2008

Bachelor of Science in Psychologie (nur das erste Jahr). “Propedeuse Diploma”, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Studies, University of Amsterdam

2001 bis 2007

VWO: "Nature & Health” with Mathematics B2: Secondary Diploma (‘A’ level equivalent) obtained in July 2007 at Oostvaarders College, Almere